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 Mer, 31/08/2011 - 21:00

este mercores 'trebelab'... lamentablemente non estamos mantendo os maravillosos 'mércores dixitais abertos' con moita continuidade...disculpade

para compensar vos convidamos a ista actividade:

presentación de unha impresora 3D portable [http://reprap.org]


presentación del hackerspace /tmp/lab:


/tmp/lab is a hacker space in Vitry sur Seine for people doing creative things with technology, culture and arts.

It’s the first Parisian hacker space and is a project from lelab.fr initiative.

We are hosting projects, workshops, conferences and a lot of
various technological activities in this 100 square meter underground

We aim at getting together people from the most varied
horizons, making projects together and sparking new ideas for the 21st
century. Various people are developping new ideas, new projects, new
arts, bridging the digital divide, helping people to grasp technology
in a creative manner, communicating our open vision of the world,
empowering people to develop their project with new technologies. [read more]


by: alexandre korber


Este espazo esta feito por .:trebelab:. funcionando con software-libre: Debian, Drupal e K2 entre outros.